The Luminar Foundation contributes to the development of qualifications and skills of administrative and academic staff in internationalisation. It does so through Studybility trainings, workshops, as well as international study and training visits. Studybility has been offering specialized training to higher education institutions since 2013. Driven by the world trends, the knowledge-enhancing events have primarily concentrated on internationalisation of Central and Eastern European higher education and have been reaching both the leadership and administration. The trainings have one overarching premise in mind: international expertise of highest quality must be adjusted to local understanding and capacities to be of real value to and fully integrated into the functioning of HEIs in this region.

Studybility's international trainers share their knowledge and expertise with the training participants and create a unique opportunity for the audience to learn, get inspired and draw on each other’s experience. Our trainers necessarily have expertise backed by their own academic or commercial success and they can only join our bank of experts if they have references from most accomplished experts in the field. We review their performance after each training which helps us further raise the quality of our events.

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