Engaging in diverse projects related to internationalisation of education, at Luminar Foundation we curate a space for students, educators and administration at education institutions, non-governmental bodies, representatives of local and central government to discuss and implement relevant change.

We have created and organised a discussion forum for the leaders in higher education, Leadership Forum in Higher Education to facilitate progress. Between the editions of the Leadership Forum, we work to increase cooperation between the universities in Central and Eastern Europe in the various aspects of internationalisation, engaging in bilateral cooperation, contributing to research and developing new tools in internationalisation. Luminar Foundation also increasingly cooperates with secondary and primary schools on the issues on internationalisation of education, especially in the aspects of global teaching and learning.

Justyna Giezynska is responsible for the vision, mission, and strategic planning at Luminar Foundation. She is currently Project Coordinator and Key Expert at CLILMED, an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership. She works with higher education institutions and organisations from Poland and abroad on international strategy development, development of English-taught academic programmes, internationalisation audit, operational improvements related to the Erasmus+ Programme and international partnership development. Her work focuses on staff development and intercultural competence development, strategic Internationalisation at Home, and internationalisation of the curriculum for increasing the quality of education (https://www.linkedin.com/in/justynagiezynska/).

Michalina Jaskólska-Pyrek is a grant specialist and CLILMED Project Administrative Coordinator. She has spent several years working for NGOs where she was in charge of applying for EU-funded projects from the ESF or EQUAL programmes and currently working with the Erasmus+ Programme. Michalina is experienced in coordinating international partnerships among public bodies, associations and NGOs and responsible for managing the work of partnerships, organising seminars, conferences and large dissemination events. In projects carried out by the Foundation, Michalina is responsible for administrative project coordination, communication between Luminar Foundation partners, project implementation according to schedule, proper budget implementation, communication with institutions providing co-financing, and reporting.

Our Projects

Luminar Foundation currently participates in three projects, serving as a project coordinator and providing education solutions which upgrade skills and capacities of academic and administrative staff to work with students in an internationalising environment.

The Conference

Leadership Forum in Higher Education is a unique initiative which focuses on Central and Eastern Europe and discusses issues vital to higher education sustainability and development. It discusses necessary adjustments, solutions, methods and tools helping higher education institutions implement changes in governance, management and financing, as well as the curriculum leading to modernization, greater internationalisation, better results in employability of graduates and life-long cooperation between the academic environment and the business and science community.

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