Luminar Foundation

The Luminar Foundation helps to increase the quality of education at higher education institutions in the globalising environment. Its Leadership Forum in Higher Education, a conference series, builds a network of universities in Central and Eastern Europe. Its Studybility workshops and seminars educate about internationalisation and bring cutting-edge solutions adjusted to the needs of regional higher education. Courses develop qualifications and skills of both administrative and academic staff. The Luminar Foundation promotes the idea of brain flow and encourages to prepare for the education path early.



Studybility has been educating about internationalisation since 2013. We assure that at trainings, to be of real value to and fully integrated into the functioning of higher education institutions in this region, international expertise of highest quality is adjusted to local understanding and capacities. Our international trainers share their knowledge and expertise, based on their own academic or commercial success, and create a unique opportunity for the audience to learn, get inspired and draw on each other’s experience. We review their performance after each training which helps us further raise the quality of our events. Internationalise!

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Leadership Forum in Higher Education

Leadership Forum in Higher Education is a unique initiative which focuses on Central and Eastern Europe and discusses issues vital to higher education sustainability and development. It discusses necessary adjustments, solutions, methods and tools helping higher education institutions implement changes in governance, management and financing, as well as the curriculum leading to modernization, greater internationalisation, better results in employability of graduates and life-long cooperation between the academic environment and the business and science community. Leaders never stop learning. Join the leaders.



LuminarED is an education advisory service assisting youth interested and able to study abroad for the advancement of their chances for a fuller life and satisfying employment. We advise youth interested in undergraduate studies, language programmes, foundation years, gap years and pathway programmes. LuminarED is particularly interested in partnering with higher education institutions which strategically approach the issue of graduate employment and career path design.We welcome initiatives bringing the best education to the Polish students. Design your education.

If you wish to partner with us, please contact Justyna Giezynska at justyna.giezynska [at]